You are leaving the world of the Labyrinth. Everything on this page deals with the real world. The information presented here will impact your ability to suspend your disbelief as you interact with Blackthorne (but we're confident you can handle it). Thank you.
What is Blackthorne Auction House?

First and foremost, Blackthorne (aka the Ghost Market) is an actual marketplace for interesting objects. We source our products carefully, focusing on quality items that bring their own inherent value. Then we make them more interesting (and fun) by adding a layer of story, connecting these objects to a secret, magickal aspect of our modern world that we call The Labyrinth. We strive to provide an interesting way for you to purchase cool stuff.

Blackthorne is also a Live Action Narrative Experience (or LANE), for those who would like to experience the project in that way. Clients can be a part of the stories of The Labyrinth and interact with other people on our site and at Blackthorne events.  Of course, it is perfectly fine if Clients do not wish to interact. How you experience the Ghost Market is entirely up to you.

I want to interact on the site, do I have to play a character?

Clients who want to interact can do so as themselves (or, more accurately, as a version of themselves that runs around in the world of arcane mysteries and secrets) or as a completely made-up character (although even made-up characters must use real money to buy things).

If you choose to play a character you can develop it in any way you like, bearing in mind that Blackthorne's Operating Tenet of 'Neutral Ground' (i.e. that everyone is treated with respect and decorum) always applies.

If you play a character that openly presents itself as other-than-human, please be aware than many (possibly most) Blackthorne clients will not believe you.  The Labyrinth is primarily a human construct and actual non-humans are very rare.

Are the items you sell in the Bazaar actually magickal?

As far as we know, our items are not actually magickal.

Why do you spell magickal like that?

We spell magickal with a 'k' to denote a quality that is legitimately Arcane, as opposed to stage magic or theatrical illusion.

Are the items you sell in the Bazaar real props used in movies and TV shows?

Unless specifically noted, our items ARE NOT the actual props used in any films or TV shows. If you ever have a question about the REAL WORLD provenance of any item offered on the Ghost Market, please do not hesitate to contact us via