Personal and Private Brokerage Services

Since 1807, Blackthorne Auction House has set the standard for service and selection in the world of collecting unique and wondrous objects. Over the past two centuries Blackthorne has built an unmatched reputation for assisting discerning collectors in their pursuit of artworks and artifacts from all areas of creative endeavor.

Remarkable Objects

Blackthorne specializes in objects that transcend the mundane; items that possess the glamour of remarkable provenance and that - sometimes - even touch the realm of the esoteric. Our staff are tireless in their pursuit of exceptional, ethically-sourced artifacts and art objects for our network of dealers and clients around the globe.

Personal Service

As a specialist house, Blackthorne is able to provide truly personalized services to our clients. These include, but are not limited to, a monthly catalogue of notable upcoming lots, a forum where clients can interact with each other and with staff, and access to the Blackthorne Research Team for assistance with everything from academic study to mounting recovery expeditions.


London House

Number 7, Saville Row
Burlington Gardens, London
(By Appointment Only)

Florida House

177 Continental Drive
Fifth Floor
St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA
(By Appointment Only)